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Updated: 12 September 05

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Yar me maties!

I'm Chef Boy Arrr Del, and I welcome you to The Iterated Chef: Recipes for One + One + One + One + One.

Most of us have a few recipes we use week after week, and the only reason we bother cooking them is because we're embarrased to eat HealthyChoice dinners three times a day. You don't need to suffer in silence, stuffing your maw in front of the Simpsons anymore.

Here is a place for you to share your cheap, easy, reheatable recipes with other folks who are as cheap and easy as you are.

The Iterated Chef welcomes you, your tips and your recipes. Indeed, we are only slightly contentious without your content. Please take the time to email me whatever's in your heart or gullet at For those of you in grad school, you might get your first publication out of it!


Sincerely Yarrrs,


You think you can review?

Back in the day, I did pretentious diner reviews for the Rutgers Review. (If I recall, it wasn't actually a 'day' but more of a 5 month span in 1994. Trust a philologist to get punctilious, but don't trust him with your wallet.) As soon as I get this chapter done I will be adding a "Reviews" section to this website. Care to get famous for rating ramen? Send me a column, and I'll post it (provided it's got an amusing enough title. Would that I knew anyone named Roger so I could get "Roger's Rare-Bit")!

Sincerely Yarrrs,